By the Numbers

  • 34
  • 8
  • 30
  • 83
  • 98
  • 40
  • 30
  • 75
  • 50
  • 150

34-year history

For over 30 years, Daubenspeck and Associates has been successfully serving the needs of world-class clientele from all across the globe. We have completed hundreds of assignments in nearly every industry and function. We are experts in the process of executive search, and our proprietary process allows us to gain the knowledge necessary to fill even the most complicated of assignments.

8-year retention average

The candidates we place stay with our clients for an average of 8 years. While our 98% two-year retention rate is well above the industry standard, it is not the benchmark by which we measure our success. We judge our performance based on the long-term impact that our placements have on our clients’ organizations.

30 days to present short list of prospects

Daubenspeck and Associates aims to deliver a short list of prospects within 30 days of kicking off a search.

83-day average search length

Daubenspeck and Associates completes each search—from kickoff to onboard—in an average of 83 days. Our search process enables us to deliver with both the quality and expedition that our clients’ needs demand.

98% search completion rate

Daubenspeck and Associates’ search completion rate is 98%. Our search methods and consulting processes are based upon our guiding principles. Our SearchKraft methodology is designed to provide creative and effective solutions for high impact search assignments, and to provide the best match possible.

Top 40

Daubenspeck and Associates is ranked by “Executive Search Review” as one of the Top 40 search firms in the Americas.


Percentage of our placements that represent diversity searches.

75% repeat clients

75% of Daubenspeck and Associates’ clients are repeat clients. The nature of our business is relational. We view each search as a step in a relationship—one that is productive, profitable, and people-oriented.

50% of our business is international

Daubenspeck and Associates’ clientele consists of market leaders in a variety of industries around the world, and 50% of our clients are internationally based. We possess the scope and reach necessary to provide talent that truly qualifies as “world class.”


Our founder and CEO, Ken Daubenspeck, has been recognized as one of the “150 Most Influential Headhunters” by Business-Week.