Ken Daubenspeck is founder and President of Chicago-based Daubenspeck and Associates, a member firm of IMD International Search Group.

Ken’s vision for Daubenspeck and Associates has remained for over three decades to be an international, mid-size boutique, built to work closely with C-level executives and other senior leadership, when a client is starting, or undergoing a major transformation. Whether at an enterprise or departmental level, his work always requires a heightened sensitivity to its impact on that entity’s culture.

Typical engagements can last for several months, cutting across multiple countries, regions, departments, functions, and levels, with the purpose of building or transforming that entity’s capability, capacity or culture. As a result, Ken has retained clients for many years.

Ken started recruiting and consulting since in information and technology in 1980, and expanded his firm to become a specialist for being called in by his clients when a search is simply too difficult, whether it is because the assignment is highly confidential, the source pool is extremely difficult to identify, or the position sought to fill must be designed.

Ken has worked with a number of psychometric tools as part of his practice since 1985, and believes them to be integral to any assignment that requires either a solid cultural match, or cultural transformation.

Ken has led hundreds of recruiting assignments for a broad range of clients, both domestic and international. In 2005, recognizing industry’s need for recruiting firms capable of supporting its international cross-border recruitment needs, Ken expanded his practice to include Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. Ken is known for his unique ability to successfully place expatriates who are able to thrive in cultures of which they are unaccustomed.

Business Week recognized Ken as one of the “150 Most Influential Headhunters in the World.” Executive Search Review ranked Daubenspeck and Associates among the “Top 40 Search Firms of the Americas.” Forbes named Daubenspeck and Associates, Among America’s Best Management Consulting Firms for 2016.

Client’s Testimonials

“Remarkably proficient overall, with admirable professionalism and outstanding ability to deliver quality. We have used them multiple times and would unhesitatingly do so again and/or recommend them to similar organizations. Key traits underlying this proficiency are: results focus; excellent customer service (both the paying customer and the folks being placed); seasoned and attentive listener; problem solver; relentless commitment to open, honest dialogue and finding win-win solutions.”

Executive Director; Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“I have a very strong team at NiSource and [Daubenspeck and Associates] are responsible for many of them (including myself). I won’t hesitate to give you a call should the opportunity arise again in the future to have you support me. As I have said in the past, [Daubenspeck and Associates] is of unquestionable integrity and has real talent for identifying the right people.”

Vice President of Service and Delivery; NiSource

“I have utilized Daubenspeck and Associates search services for over twenty years. Ken and his organization have helped me find outstanding talent in Finance, Technical and Senior Management positions. Daubenspeck’s level of service, responsiveness and professionalism has always been superb. I will certainly use their services again in the future and would unhesitatingly recommend them to others for consideration in filling mission critical positions.”

Executive Vice President; Steelhead Corporation

“Daubenspeck and Associates is very service oriented and possesses a high degree of integrity and confidentiality. I rank this firm as world class, one of the best in the industry. Overall delivery and end result was beyond my expectations.”

Head of Human Resources; Zurich North America

“What impressed me most at the time I was making my decision was [Daubenspeck and Associates’] deep knowledge of both industries (banking and higher education), experience with similarly challenging career changes, excellent listening skills and communication skills in general, and credibility. I also appreciated [the consultant’s] enthusiasm, sense of humor and persistence.”

Associate Professor Emeritus, Former Dean, and Illinois Professor of the Year; DePaul University

“This firm is head and shoulders above the rest. They so favorably impressed me because of their excellent experience, knowledge and background, their high sense of ethics; their results oriented approach without being a high pressure firm; their availability (almost 24/7) and excellent communication skills; and, their excellent advice.”

Executive Director of Facilities & Services; University of Illinois

“They show a genuine concern for the culture and the value system of the client they are serving. Unlike other firms, the account executive who secures the search is the individual who supports us through the successful completion of the assignment…I appreciate their advice and willingness to go beyond just the search and to understand the organization. They are true organizational advisors.”

Chairman & CEO; Council for Adult & Experiential Learning