Why We Do What We Do

We consider it a privilege to help our clients with their most important asset—the people who collectively comprise the organization. We view each assignment as more than a simple business transaction; rather, we consider it an opportunity to positively influence the performance and trajectory of both organizations and individuals. When a project goes well, it is good for the employer and the employee. When it does not, it is difficult on the employer, but devastating to the employee. It is for this reason that we take our assignments very seriously. We never forget this when we provide our service. It is not just about completing an assignment—it is about insuring that the individual we recruit for our client is successful, accomplishes that which was intended by the assignment, and remains well past any guarantee.

We consider ourselves to be partners with our clients. We value relationships over transactions. We are always available to provide advice and counsel, whether or not we have an assignment.

As true partners and consultants, we do not believe it ever appropriate to recruit from our clients; once a client, always a client.

We do more than simply fill a position; we build organizational capability.