Culture Match

Matching the individual to the culture of the organization is paramount. In fact, it is the most significant predictor of success.

We at Daubenspeck and Associates, help individuals integrate into that culture. We help them make a clearheaded, informed decision. By putting the importance of matching to a culture at the forefront of each and every search assignment, we ensure a productive match between candidate and client. The technical skills, experience, and credentials of a candidate are but the baseline factors that qualify an individual—we recruit candidates who not only meet these qualifications, but who possess the personality, values, strength, and interpersonal style needed to integrate and succeed in an organization in the long term.

Our approach is our fundamental differentiator. We eliminate a client’s need to rely on “gut feel” by identifying client culture and candidate personality in an objective and quantifiable manner.

We pay attention to cultural differences by country, company, institution and the team itself. We know who can make an international placement into another society and who cannot.

We have the organizational instinct to not only determine if there is a fit between candidate and client, but to accurately predict how each new candidate will positively impact the culture of our clients. Cultures are not stagnant, they are constantly evolving. We are diligent in understanding how our clients’ cultures are changing, which is one reason why our clients are repeat clients. We know them.

We do more than simply fill a position; we build organizational capability.