We at Daubenspeck and Associates follow time tested processes that allow us to meet the needs of our clients. But it is our ability to customize, to be flexible and responsive that is the true benefit for our clients.

Daubenspeck and Associates acquires a deep knowledge of our clients’ unique needs in order to put together an effective search strategy and target premier candidates. We employ the use of SearchKraft, our unique and proprietary search methodology featuring:

  • Needs and Cultural Analysis
  • Search Strategy Development
  • Research & Networking
  • Candidate Identification & Development
  • Candidate Evaluation
  • Candidate Interviews & Referencing
  • Final Candidate Selection & Employment Negotiations
  • Executive Transition

SearchKraft addresses culture fit, utilizing performance and personality-based assessment tools; it is a time tested search methodology designed not simply to fill a position, but to locate individuals who will provide the impact that an enterprise needs in the long term.

Candidate and Position Profiles

Our Position Profiles represent a clear and common understanding of our client’s business and corporate culture. The Profile outlines client consensus around the opportunity, search criteria, key success factors of the position, and the personality profile of a qualified candidate. In addition, the document provides our candidates with relevant information on the position, our client’s organization and needs, the market conditions that affect them, and the specific cultural elements that are unique to the client’s organization and geographic location.

Our Candidate Profiles are comprehensive documents that provide a detailed and insightful perspective of a candidate, their qualifications, personality, and motivation, as well as our objective assessment of the cultural fit.

Constant Communication

Executive search is a dynamic process that demands frequent interaction and flexibility on the part of the consultant. Our methods are designed to be responsive to the needs of our clients, and we maintain open lines of communication through the use of established milestones and official status reports. We relay candidate information, search updates, and market intelligence on a consistent and routine basis to ensure that our clients are constantly aware of our progress.

We do more than simply fill a position; we build organizational capability.